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The Monon Property Group seeks to attract prospective partners who share the vision of Greencastle as the next great college town in Indiana — and are willing to make that vision a reality.

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Greencastle, Indiana

Greencastle and DePauw have been inexorably linked for over 150 years. Yet, for much of that time, the tension between town and gown was often a reality. In recent years, there has been a thawing of this historic tension and recognition that for both to flourish, cooperation and shared goals must be pursued. Greencastle and DePauw partnered to secure significant grants from the state of Indiana, which were used to rehabilitate the streetscape of Greencastle’s historic downtown business district.  In keeping with DePauw’s master site plan calls for greater linkage between the town and University, important cultural assets were relocated into the town center.   The initial funding and the success of those efforts subsequently attracted additional private investment, much of it from dedicated DePauw alumni who understand the importance of a vibrant community for the health of the University. 

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The Monon Belle
522 East Washington Street,
Greencastle, Indiana 46135

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The Monon Belle

The initial project developed by the Monon Property Group was the rehabilitation of a private property on East Washington Street, now known as The Monon Belle. This architecturally pleasing single-family house is now an attractive home-stay option for visitors to the University and the community. To date, The Belle has welcomed visitors from across the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.